Joe Edwards - The new gaffer


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Joe Edwards to be confirmed as our new head coach early next week, speculation all over and a new era. I am pleased with this decision, we had to take a chance and seems to work for other clubs bringing in new young talent and taking a risk, Eddie Howe was in his early 30’s, manager at Ipswich etc. Pleased we have not gone with the other candidates to be honest and now looking forward to how things progress.

Thoughts ???
We need to give him time, this season is for creating a completely new approach, as low as the planks to start getting on his or the players backs because we're not top of the league after 10 games.
As long as we don't go down I will be happy.
100%. This is a transitional season for us. Not bothered about where we finish. So long as it’s not in the bottom 3.
Rich Crawley reckons Barrett is staying, which seems a backward step. Let’s hope it ain’t as director of football
Nugent in the first team set up makes sense.
I rate Nugent but think he’ll be more valuable to the club staying with the younger players. The sooner they acquire good habits and skills the less painful it will be when, hopefully, they join the first team squad.