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Hello Wippa. I tried Peckham but he has restrictions on his profile. I’m sure you know how to deal with this better than me. If you look at the picture of the vermin with the reef, his right hand looks like a wanker sign. Don’t know if I’m being paranoid, but it isn’t the same as that in the group picture, nor any other examples that I have seen.
if you cant get one let me know i have a sp[are season ticket
isle of dogs wall
if you cant get one i have a spare season ticket..........let me know
Edward Alistair
Edward Alistair
Thanks for that, there were plenty available until it was removed so hopefully it is just a change in plans and as a member I'll be okay but I will be in touch if I can't get one.
take care.
Edward Alistair
Edward Alistair
I managed to get one , thanks for the offer, it's appreciated.
Mate, your 'Link to off-topic' seems to be missing or is just me, my lap-top and iPhone? :shake:
Hope can help/advise.