Famous Millwall supporters

There are quite a few I think; those who immediately spring to mind are:

Gary Oldman (and his sister who I think played someone in EastEnders and lives or quite recently lived around Brocklehurst Street).

Frank Harper.

Danny Baker.

Lars Fredrikson.

Gary Lammin.

Roi Pearce.

I suppose the last two depend on your definition of famous, but they both were pretty famous in their day.
Apart from Danny Baker, I've never heard of any of those.
I must lead a very sheltered life.
Actor Blake Harrison (Inbetweeners)
Rapper/spoken word artist Scroobius Pip.
Boxer David Haye
Rugby league player (St.Helens) Louie McCarthy Scarsbrook (born in Whitechapel)
Yep, his portrayal of Bill the butcher in Gangs of New York is unreal as well. The plot of the film is a bit average to be honest but it’s worth watching just for his performance alone.

Apparently when he takes on a role he stays in character for months on end. Even when he’s at home with his missus. Cameron Diaz said it was bloody weird when they was all in the canteen between shoots and he would come in and he would still be Bill the butcher 😆
If I even watch 10 seconds of Gangs of New York I have to watch it all. The amount of times I’ve watched it late at night and thought “fuck it, worth being tired tomorrow to watch it again”

Him in GONY and Denzil Washington in Man on Fire are unbelievable acting performances.