Team v Sky Blues

If we are going to press from the front Bradshaw has to play, it was not effective last week when OB1 was striker.

Similar team team that started the first half so badly last week, was JE watching that game ?
Pleased Edwards has had the sense to put Bryan and not Wallace up against Sakamoto this time, although on their forum they reckon he’s been running on empty recently and might be on the bench today.

Good news if true because he ripped us a new one when we played them at The Den.
He's playing.
There seem to be a lot of referees we've never heard of lately. Andrew Kitchen is the ref today.
Was hoping he’d drop Harding. ‘Harding joined from Rotherham United in the summer after impressing in Yorkshire but the reality for Millwall is that when Harding features, they barely win. Millwall have only won four of the 22 games Harding has played and even though he has only missed eight games, Millwall have won four of those when he hasn't played.’ Think we’ll win today though. COYL