No more match day programmes

Life with the Lions

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Apparently the club will stop producing matchday programmes fthis season. So if you got one at the Peterborough game then keep hold of it as it’s the last ever one made so could become a collectors item.

I buy them occasionally but rarely read them.
Did the club give a reason for this?

Ilderton Wanderer

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A lot of clubs have already stopped selling programmes because it costs more to produce than what they get back. At Huddersfield last season they were actually giving them away for free, a much slimmed down version mind you but it made me think then that the days of the traditional programme might be numbered.


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I wonder if they’ll sell an encrypted file version of the programmes online so, in a hundred years, a Whisky 2100 can buy them up at an online auction for his personal virtual collection?

isle of dogs wall

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another part of fotball gone, mine you the wall one was full of adverts and encouraging everyone to become a grass if they saw any misbehaviour

Budgies' Boy

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Sad news if true. We are not mainstream, we are Millwall, we are different.
Club Management have forsaken their main method of communicating their message/views with their active fanbase, Media and Football world.
Given the ridiculous amounts of money sloshing around football, it is more than simple penny punching by the club. No doubt to be announced after the event as a 'new imarketing initiative'. We have more than a hundred years of historical sporting achievement to be proud of and publish. What better way than the club match day programme to promote the Regen?
in truth I think the actual content has improved, excluding snides, but the production quality and design has been so poor that in parts it is unreadable even with a magnifying glass. I'm sure nobody in management reads it. Was going to write to the C.E.O. To complain, seems like I wo'nt have to bother now.
All in all, it seems like another broken Bond with our supporters, an own goal!