How many points will we finish on?

I didn't mean no disrespect geez, I am just fkd right off with this fkg nobody who accompanied fat Frank to oblivion, - having never managed a men's football team coming in here and fkg us up and taking us down. I think we appointed the worst person available, I said it from the start, got dogs abuse from all on here and am very upset that this idiot is allowed to continue his destruction of our club, take us down then leave without a care in the fkg world. And everyone on here loves the idiot. I just don't get it. Yet these same "fans" barracked Rowett out who, with him in charge we only looked up and never worried about relegation.

Then I'm told it's all about opinions - as long as I don't fkg have one of course. JE is out of his depth, has no affiliation with our club and won't give a fk when he relegates us and fks off. It will not be easy getting back up with a chairman who cares only about having his revered Dads name on everything to do with us.

After that shocking second half v Blackburn last game last season everyone said we just need a couple of astute signings to push on for promotion to Premier league. Now look at us. Its thus fkg geezer JE. He has never managed a man's football team and the championship teams are mostly managed by good and very experienced managers. Except us.

Please tell me what is so fkg great about JE. I see nothing
Got to find a way of playing in the Oppo's half. Never going to happen by playing a lone striker up front. We look more than reasonable when in possession. We need to push forward in greater numbers. Time for a reality check and some Spirit to be shown, both on and off the pitch.