Charlie Richard Cresswell


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A good mention of us from an Artice in Leedslive

Millwall finished ninth in the Championship last season, but are understood to be committing resources to a concerted push next term. George Honeyman has arrived from Hull City, Benik Afobe from Stoke City and Zian Flemming is a club-record signing from the Dutch top flight.

Life with the Lions

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On one of the Weeds supporters forums seems like its 50/50 about us taking Cresswell off them!

Some silly cunt called Cjay, had this to say:

“Not a fan of that neanderthal club but it will toughen him up and he needs to get matches under his belt.”

Someone called Rook isn’t best pleased!🤣

“Raphinha going to Chelsea and now Cresswell going to these scumbags.

What a shitty day”.

Fuck knows what Irish Ian is on about!

“Glad Charlie is getting a loan, pity about the club he is is going to but if it is any consolation they will be help us more than we will be helping them”

Chilli D seems to know us best!

“I think he will become a bit of a cult hero at The Den. They will love him.”

As does 1000:

”No better place to learn than the Den. They don't take fools gladly down there. If he gets it right he will be sound.

lufc1304 gave us a begrudging comment whilst sticking the boot in:

”I'm 50/50 too, but a full blooded season (or half season if we recall him) will do his development the world of good. He needs to be starting regularly and it seems we can't offer him that yet. Hate that mob, but they're more of a footballing side than they used to be so may well be a good move for him and he comes back knocking on the first team door.”

Can’t believe Weeds supporters type the way they speak, but mentalcase does!

“I like CC, great potential, United can't offer him first team chances with Cooper, Koch, Llorente, Hjielde and Struijk, so it looks like a loan is the best option at this stage, he's still young, a full blooded championship season won't do him any harm, it might us though, if we aint careful he will think we don't want him and end up elsewhere on t' cheap.
It would be criminal if we didn't have a clause to call him back when needed, but thats Leeds all over right ?”

Fuck me! 🤣