Bottom 3 Premier teams for the drop

3 for the drop

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It's that time of the season when we look at the bottom teams of the Premiership and think about who we are potentially playing next season (unless we get some miracle and continue playing the way we are), who do you think are the 3 for the drop?

Might be wishful thinking but looking at Burnley's remaining games compared to Leeds it looks gloomy for the Yorkshire side.

My 3 are;
  • Leeds
  • Watford
  • Norwich


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I think Norwich and Watford are pretty much nailed on for it, I added Everton as my brother in-law is a Toffees fan and it would be joy to wind him up.

Who goes from our league is trickier. I'd like to see Barnsley, Derby and Reading drop. Loath Barnsley and their retard bottle job supporters, Derby are cheats and deserve the drop and Reading just irritate me by existing.

As for Ant and Dec. Ant is the one you would love to punch in the face and Dec is also the one you would love to punch in the face.


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Wishful thinking maybe, but it's a shame the Nigel's have won a couple of games recently. They still need maybe another 7 or 8 points?


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Norwich, Watford and Everton.

Burnley have had a lot of draws, if they can just turn a couple of them into wins they would be looking down at a couple more teams.
As for Norwich it seems to be their business model to get promoted and relegated.