Bottom 3 Premier teams for the drop

3 for the drop

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Irish Millwall

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Fucking crazy appointment getting Lampard in. But a good one all the same :hehe:
Yeah, I assume that they thought they'd get in a young manager to build for the future. Too arrogant to realise that they needed an experienced street fighter to get them out of trouble. Or perhaps they should have gone for someone who knows how to get out of the Championship. Definitely not Lampard, where's his track record?

Peckham Lion

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Definitely not Lampard, where's his track record?
Exactly, he may be a decent coach for youngens coming through but he ain't no manager. Still, when he gets the boot he won't be blamed by any of his pundit mates or cousin Jamie or uncle twitchy at Sky or anywhere else and he;ll no doubt get another job soon enough, The wanker merry-go-round that keeps giving!


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It's that time of the season when we look at the bottom teams of the Premiership and think about who we are potentially playing next season (unless we get some miracle and continue playing the way we are), who do you think are the 3 for the drop?

Might be wishful thinking but looking at Burnley's remaining games compared to Leeds it looks gloomy for the Yorkshire side.

My 3 are;
  • Leeds
  • Watford
  • Norwich
Looking even more likely now!!!!