Well Nosegate you really .....

Kryan Bing

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The bloke is a lunatic :blah:

I've just read all that shit.
Bang goes any remote chance of England winning the World Cup...
Fuck me, he doesn't get more knowledgeable on Football and tactics, does he?
How long has he been England manager?​
:slap: :shake: :whist: :ROFLMAO:

This bit made me laugh:

“That [the booing] was directed at me [and not Maguire],” Southgate said. “We’re losing 3-0, I took an attacker off and put a defender on. But we needed to solidify. There’s no way you’re going to win the game and you’ve got to try to protect the players on the pitch. I didn’t view that as a criticism of Harry. He’s actually had three really strong performances with us.”

Maguire has played 46 games for England, I think the Gonk saying "He's actually had three really strong performances with us" is pushing it a bit.


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To be fair to him, you can't disagree with him, we definitely attacked more than Hungary. How else do you explain them only having 7 on target shots and only scoring 4, when we managed to rack up, erm 2 on target and no goals.

An attacking masterclass if ever there was one
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too much side to side crap at the back. Too slow breaking. Then more side crap at the back. Whats more they aint very good at that.