Very cheeky Sir Jim Ratcliffe!


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So, Sir Jim Ratcliffe wants us to pay for his new stadium!!!

I say fair enough as long as he gives 20/25% of the profits from ALL future games/events that are held at the stadium indefinitely and not just when the money has been paid back...

how are the people from the South (or anyone not attached to the club) meant to benefit from that. No wonder he's a billionaire if he pulls stunts like that!

Maybe the government want to house refugees there during the week?

If no-one protests, the government will bank roll something like this!
Who? where? what? how? when?

Is this a quiz mate? I live in a bubble away from the media etc. Who's JR, what stadium /club does he own?

Once you elaborate i'll be able to call him a cunt.

But was it intended for them? I thought it was just an Olympic stadium that they 'hijacked'.
It was designed to be used after the Olympics for football and athletics with one of West Ham, Spurs or Orient moving in and paying for the maintenance which is one of the reasons Orient swerved it.

Same is true of the new Maine Road (except for the Orient bit!).

Difference with this one is Utd are just redeveloping their own ground - there was a 'cultural benefit' to the Commonwealth Games and Olympics.
Look what the hamsters started when they begged and thieved the Olympic stadium off the tax-payer. Scousers got off lightly there, none of their money went into it, same for many of the Mancs and now they want one. Yes we own ours and they wanted to evict us!