The Berylson Stand

Away stand “The Berylson Stand”

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just listened to JBs interview and felt the love and emotion from their family to our club.

With the amount of time they’ve been at the club and what looks like many more years to come, I feel we should name a stand after their family.

We’ve got the dockers, the Kitchener and cold blow lane. Who would be up for calling the away end “The Berylson Stand”. It’s seems fitting that we would name the away stand, being that their family and our fan base have been so welcoming of fans, no matter what creed or colour.

Should be ‘The John Berylson Stand’ don’t seem right calling it just The Berylson stand whilst we still have a Berylson at the helm
Surely it’s the opposite argument? The Berylson Stand reflects the ongoing commitment of the family. It’s not the end but the beginning or continuation of John’s legacy-god test his soul. I still miss him even though I’ve never met him.
He deserves something , he didn’t retire or move on he died while being our chairman, one who saved us from almost going bankrupt, led us to Wembley to the point we almost got bored of the place made us a solid comfortable championship club and sadly died leaving his son to carry on his legacy, should he get a stand? Yes probably, it’s going to be a while before we have anyone worthier.
As that stand is generally full of shit from the north maybe just call it The John*

Seriously, the new training ground idea is the way to go.
Not against naming anything after JB but I hope when it's all done there is something with substance that makes a difference to people in his name.
Whether it's involves the community trust or at the club, I'd like to see the start of a something like a 'drop in centre'? even just on matchdays where locals and fans can have access to professionals that can help with everyday problems like debt, addiction, mental health etc.