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The time for talking,telling us all about what you have done, what you plan to do and how you plan to do it is over. Saturday at 3 pm is the watershed and we shall all be able to see what you are made of. Anybody who thinks that everything will be different is in for a shock. Joe might be good but whether 4 days is long enough to transform the team is pie in the sky. We certainly should see a bounce in performance and I hope this might result in three points. Nothing is guaranteed. If we lost four nil then the alarm bells might start to ring loudly. We shall see.

Joe would have been in long discussions with AB about all the players, who he would pick, what formation he would play and how he would play the game. The rest is down to him. A side issue is that Wednesday too have a new boss and he will be keen to show the faithful at Hillsborough that he is the man to save them. They are poor and Joe could not really have asked for an easier game to start off his tenure. We shall see.
One sure thing is that Bart will wear the gloves. Trueman is a permanent bench warmer and that is where he will start on Saturday…..barring a miracle. Danny should start on the right and I would be tempted to bring Hutch back alongside Cooper or even Wes with Murray starting on the left. He could change to midfield into a three and start with Sav, Campbell and Casper. Flem is nailed on to start as a ten with Bradshaw and Rab upfront. Who knows?
My thoughts are,

Danny Hutch Cooper Murray
Casper Sav Campbell
Bradshaw Rab

Subs Trueman Wes Leonard Longman Billy Honeyman Esse Emakhu Watmore


McNamara Harding Cooper Wallace

Norton-Cuffy De Norre Saville. Honeyman

Danny, Wes Cooper
Esse , de Norre , Saville , Honeyman
Bradshaw, Rab (Emakhu)
I cant see wallace or danny being any near the starting 11 if he wants to retain and improve possession, he would have seen that after day 1
Cooper must have the most misplaced passes in the whole squad yet don't see much criticism and cant see him fitting in with the new bosses passing game plans.
Think Bradshaw will really thrive under the new boss. The style of play he’s talking about playing
If, as expected, we become a controlled passing team under Edwards I fear Hutch’s days will be numbered 👎
When he said controlled passing game he was referring to when we have the ball further up the pitch, i don't believe he will play like Southampton and knock it around our own penalty area.
Whatever the team, lets hope for an entertaining attacking performance for the supporters and 3 points to travel back happy. COYL