sat must win game


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Bit of a make or break game for me.

If we lose I think we are losing too much ground on the top 6 and the chasing pack. Now is the sort of time you need to pick up momentum to stand half a chance come the final 6 or so games of the season

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“Do“ what? You mean get to the Play Offs?

I doubt it now. Two many draws have done for us this season (which also happened last season as well), and once again it’s been our lack of consistency that has created a lot of those draws (and losses). I think Bournemouth will get one of the two automatic promotion places, and if they continue their good run, perhaps Blackburn will secure the other place! Then it’s any two from Fulham, West Brom, QPR, Huddersfield and Middlesbrough in the final!

Is there anyone on here that really thinks, with Rowett’s defensive football and the inconsistency of many of our players, that we could beat any of the above teams over 2 legs in the Play Offs, let alone getting to the final and winning it? I personally don’t. I think, as was proven on Saturday, when push comes to shove, many of our players do not have the right mental winning attitude to take it to other teams over 90 minutes, and get the job done!

Some of those players, specifically Danny and Billy do, because they epitomise exactly what it means to be a Millwall player! I don’t think Rowett, as a manager knows, and neither do the likes of Evans and Bod as players! Their heart will never be in it like Danny and Mac‘s will. and until we blood more youngsters from the U23’s - players who will have Millwall’s DNA instilled into them from an early playing age, then the club will continue to employ wasters like Evans and Bod, and us supporters will continue to dream about reaching the Play Offs!


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All depends on what GR has been told, is there money to spend on players so we can force our way into the playoffs, if so 1m here and 1m their wont do it, we would have to go out and spend at least 3 times that to get the players we need.

If we are going to build for the future, we should start these kids playing now, no use of them sitting on the bench making up the numbers, let them get some game time and see if they are good enough.

So if we have the money to buy players, yes Saturday is a must win game.


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I'd be happy just to have a go. Play Burey and Ojo, maybe 442 and we will probably concede, but be nice to see some attacking football. We're not going up or down, so try a couple of the kids and build a system gor next year. We've got a fair few decent players, let them off the leash


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I don't think the board,the manager and players have the correct mindset for a serious challange to break into the PO's
Like some have mentioned,play as many games using a few of the promising youngsters and get them used to playing Championship football and finish comfortably mid table or there abouts.


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Rowett has achieved safety. Now take the shackles off and let’s have a go, whether we achieve it or not at least it would be a better watch and we could bring friends to the match without them being bored to death.


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GR does not have the words" attacking formation" in his limited tactical vocabulary , we will give it a go in the first 15 minutes then settle back for a draw, go a goal down to Grabben and then the panic subs come into play and we might scramble a draw. This is a good forest team so sitting back is suicide but we all know how he tells the team to play and the same old excuses after
Really hope he proves me wrong and it's an end to end game