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Thanks Ando very.

You still got your Mutt?

Unfortunately he passed onto the kennel in the sky about 5 years ago, Obes. He lived to a good age and my son and daughter had a small model of him made which sits on the mantlepiece in the front room. Not got a new mutt yet, ones that can type on a keyboard and post on a forum are hard to find.

Have you got a mutt at the moment?
Teams around spotters all got games in hand and next week they’re away to Reading, who occupy the fourth relegation spot and are three points behind them. If they don’t get a new manager bounce then they are in the shit. I’m not sure that nutjob Nathan Jones is the man to turn them around
Sadly it seems like they are going to splash out on a decent manager which might save them from relegation.
Rowett has come down to 2/1 and seems to have had an interview or two with them, I assume there is something in it as the bookies wouldn't leave themselves open to losing money as they had him at 16/1.
Can't believe he would want the job.
I don't think Rowett will be too quick to take another job in London to be honest, didn't GR bemoan the fact he was missing his family!?.
Yes Andover still have The Mutt, getting on a bit now, 13 years , but, to see him play with the two bitches .Next door you wouldn't believe his age, nor when he chases the foxes around the garden. Hopefully he still has a few more years left. Great company. Get another one, all homes should have one.
I found it interesting that Warnock takes a.job in Aberdeen and he has his.home.in "Guz" (Plymouth) I'm sure "Anoraks must have sounded him out.but he decided a job about 400 miles awY was more attractive.
I found it interesting that Warnock takes a.job in Aberdeen and he has his.home.in "Guz" (Plymouth) I'm sure "Anoraks must have sounded him out.but he decided a job about 400 miles awY was more attractive.
Easy to get a plane to maybe Exeter and quicker than train from London? Who knows?
Yes, and we are so lucky to have super Joey Edwards...4 wins in 15
Yeah, what a cnut we have in Jedward. Nathan Jones wanted to come to us and we turned him down for this idiot non entity who prior to us had never managed a man's football team. What a fkg joke. Nathan Jones will oversee the spotters first fkg victory over us in almost 30 fkg years when he saves them from the drop and gets em fkg promoted next fkg season. This JE geezer is a fkg loser with zippo fkg experience at this or any fkg level with managing a mans football team. Wtf were we thinking? Massive gamble at best, absolute stupidity as it turns out.

Get him out ASAP and a manager with at least a modicum of experience in the men's game preferably at Championship level with a track record of some success coz this is not a fkg game it's fkg serious at least to me
I think the fun might stop for a while

Reckon they might go on a run of good form now which doesn't do anything for this thread :grinning:

Hope i'm wrong cause i'd love to see them in the conference league at some point.

Yeah, probably. Jones is due an upturn in his career I suppose.

Although, and I know he got Luton promoted from L1 a few years back, but on his return to Luton it didn't end well. And of course, they made the right decision binning him. They ain't doing too shabby at the moment...

Stoke and Southampton didn't go so well either. So the jury is still out for me about his ability to stay and succeed anywhere. At the moment I put him firmly in the one club wonder success, along with most of the Spotters managers of recent years.

Who knows...I just don't want the comedy of this thread to end anytime soon.
I bet Neil Harris is having a little snigger at the moment. When he took over Cambridge at the beginning of December they were six points behind the Spotters, His first game was at the Valium and Cambridge bagged two late goals and earned a point. He's doing a great job!

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Looking at that table compared to the current one and you see that Charlton have mustered just four points in eleven games:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: