Pam R.I.P

RIP fellow lion.

Like many of us we've known and seen faces for years at Wall and up and down the country but you never knew there name. On noddings terms through familiarity but never or rarely spoke or got the chance to. Pam will be one of those. This is Pam and as usual on her way to watch her beloved Millwall. I've had to chop the picture cause the whole thing is to big and won't post

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Thank you for posting that photo as I saw her and chatted to her on several away games, but never knew her name. A lovely lady. So very sad to hear about her passing. She will be very much missed.
I travelled to Wembley a couple of times on her bus. She and Mama Lion ruled us with a rod of iron.
According to Karl on Millwall TV, her full name is Pam Cooper.