No overreaction in Seville then. n/w

I don't know if the player will ever be the same again, hope he gets all the help he needs over the coming years.
PTSD will ensue so he will need counselling and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for years to come and medication for associated nightmares. He will never be able to take a throw on again so limiting his future career will mean seeking damages from the fan.
Poor guy. He needs 52 years of counselling I'd think. So distressing I just couldn't read it all. He must be on suicide watch. His life is over. Just awful.

Can we put together a fund raising page for this poor guy?

Extermination of the innocent Palestinian children and women in Gaza? Sorry this is far more important.

The world has gone fkg mad.
What needs to be answered is was the 'poke on the backside' a finger right up the Gary?, was it a bloke or bird that did it? and did the assailant sniff his/her finger afterwards?.
It was caught on camera

Hardly a prostate examination.
He did actually stick his arse out in the direction of the fan. Most people would have just laughed about it and punched him in the face.

True story: At work once a someone was writing at a desk and another bloke dropped his pants and stuck his arse in his face over the desk for a laugh.. The bloke writing didnt bat a eye and just stuck his biro right in his arse. One of the funniest comebacks I have ever witnissed.