Marc Birchio sacked


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Put on a few pounds from the picture on the BBC website, it's a tattoo so I would say yes to the lion on his arm, buta no to the birdshit on his head.

On a serious note, good for him for standing by his morals, a total disgrace from the chairman if true.

Irish Millwall

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Owner is from Essex and seems to be a Wet Spammer - 'nough said. A shame for Bircham as he did really well since taking over. They'll be relegated on 42 points which is the highest points total ever for a relegated team. They were rock bottom when he took over mid season and he brought about a real improvement. If the reason for the sacking is true, the owner needs to take a good look at himself in the mirror.


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As he suggested he would, former Blues manager Marc Bircham, sacked on Tuesday, was in the crowd supporting the team.

Good effort Birch.


Former Waterford manager Marc Bircham at Richmond Park