Just back (a quick note)


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A point but not a game to remember , 4 4 2 for a change and to be honest we could have been 4 down before they scored and we have my mom Bart to thank,their goal came after some poor defending and a Deflected cross and simple header.The equalizer was a funny run of events,s Strong tackle by our defender which the linesman flagged but the ref ( who was very good) waved play on a cross come shot into the box and a pin ball effect in the box resulted in the ball either hitting their defender or benni and going in.After that thanks to Bart the game remained 1-1, the usual weird subs with 15 to go taking of a forward and putting on a defender inviting more pressure then taking of Jed and putting on Smith who with little time offered nothing.
No idea all over the pitch and passing again at schoolboy level, I really believe we are not progressing at all under GR but is somehow getting a result,but big test on wednesday


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A very poor performance and a lucky point thanks to Bart. I expect us if this form continues to get hammered on Wednesday. Ever the pessimist.

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Every so often we come up with a good result and then revert to type for the next six games. This papers over the cracks and we look better than we are.