has ojo warranted a place in our next starting line up

ojo - in for forest

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  • fold the club.

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Yeah, definitely earned his place after today's performance and was half decent against Bristol City. Question is, will he try that hard when not against a Premier league team in front of the TV cameras? He wants a big move when he leaves Liverpool and something tells me we aren't where he wants to be.


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Definitely improving performances recently.
Probably an ideal opportunity to put himself in the the shop window today.
Curious to know if the level of performance is sustained next week so he should start.
Played much better today and showed what he can be capable of.
On the other hand I thought Tyler Burey also done well when he came on.
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I thought he played well in that 10 role drifting right. He does have a swagger about him and the ability to drop his shoulder and glide past people. It really depends whether we play the same formation next week and he gets a start. I would start him.


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Yes, he at least has the confidence to try and take his man on and played well with McNamara yesterday. Needs to improve his crossing of the ball though, too many went straight out or too long.

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great to see a player who actually tries to travel with teh ball. there are very few who do this. normally it's one or two or three touches and then pass. this is also waht was good about stirling in the world cup. although most of the time he ends up losing it, or getting fouled, you then have the option for the second loose ball or the foul itself.


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There’s been an improvement, but I’m still not sure about him. Can’t cross the ball and regularly pulls out of tackles. I can’t see what Liverpool see in him - average championship player at best.

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Ojo certainly upped his game yesterday, and without doubt that was his best performance with us so far....Begs the question that is he settling into our style of play, or has he not been playing to his best ability in past games?
If he can consistently play like he did yesterday, then that warrants his place on the team.
Tyler Burey is, I hope, a future star. He was quick, wasn't afraid to run at their defence with the ball, and delivered good crosses. He read the game well for the short time he was on, and I can see him getting a few assists to his name, if given the chance.
As I said on a previous post, we may already have our replacement for Jed in our squad if they have that same hunger Tyler Burey showed. Quite a few positives from yesterday, despite the final score.