Eamon Dunphys tackle

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I agree that he's worth his place in the team as it stands. Like you say, we're not exactly spoiled for choice. However, while I like his attitude, he just doesn't strike me a the type of striker who can make those half chances into goals and he'll never get into double figures.
Has anyone seen Oloafe play at Sutton? He certainly seems to be scoring though there's no certainty that League 2 form will transfer to the Championship of course.
I've not seen Olaofe play but going by his 14 goals last season for them and 4 or 5 this season, I'm a bit surprised given the current situation, that we didn't recall him. Maybe the terms of the loan doesn't allow that.


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I'm sure there's hundreds of posts slating Bradshaw on here. Probably along the lines of "he's not a championship player" and "we should get rid".

It should remind some of the more impatient posters that sometimes, a player that looks out of sorts may be for a reason. Not they aren't good enough, but because of something going on their head or off of the field.

I'm glad he's had his chance and taken it, it's a good example for the youngsters and the rest of the squad.


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We have had plenty come through that route though that were outstanding for us. Harris, Morison, Gregory in more recent times.
Yeh its a risk but if we have no intention of giving him the chance why are we keeping hold of him?
We don't have anything to lose by giving him a chance and he is a Millwall player not like we have to fork out or anything,if looks like he needs a bit more time,send him back out on loan.

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Harris, Morison, Gregory in more recent times.
Fairly sure they all played in league one for us first, it's a huge step up to the championship. I'd let the player play and develop rather than sit on our bench for the remainder of the season.