Ben Thompson - What has he done? Back from injury?


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To say Thommo isn't good enough is harsh. Always played his best football when given a run in the side. His run at Pompey, then come back and helped us avoid the drop second season back in the championship.

I concede, he probably doesn't provide the good displays consistently enough, but he has a few goals in him, which none of our other midfielders have and I would argue all day long with anyone whether Evans, Kief, Saville & arguably injury prone Leonard are any better?

What does irritate me though, is Rowett's man management here. I cannot forgive ostracising a product of our academy and fellow fan, to the extent that when the squad has been ravaged by covid & injuries, Ben is still being dumped in the 23's rather than on our bench.

I reckon bring Ben on for Saville would have been far more productive than the dutchman.
Ben actually started off as a forward so has that mindset. You can see that when he jumps for a header, he gets that extra height. He also drifts into goal scoring opportunities, however has he done too much Gym work and bulked out changing his centre of gravity. This might be the reason for him being unable to keep on his feet.


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When GR prefers a half fit useless knut like Evans then a fully fit Thompson then it a hopeless I said earlier refused to let him go to Hull with the promise of more game time in the first team...8 minutes I think...Ben will run down his contract ,take the money and go to a team that wants him....

Peckham Lion

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Yet Saville and Evans carry on getting picked????
A lot on here have said "He is not good enough for the Championship" does anyone on here honestly think Saville and Evans are good enough for the Championship?????
Saville is and has proved that, he played well on Saturday. Not the player we let go but unfair to compare as he's not being used the same way as Harris utilised him.


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He was good enough when he came back of loan and proved he could do It then. He was a breath of fresh air.

His balance was a problem last season when he did finally manage to get a game, but as he has been good on his feet the rest of his career clearly this Is the result of something that has arisen and Is not something that Is a natural, permanent flaw.

I think he deserves a chance to prove himself as he's been hard done by In my opinion. If he can't do It fair enough but I don't think we've got the best of him since Harris left and I don't think he's been given a fair chance compared to others who haven't covered themselves In glory. He's one of the few attacking minded players we have and he drives the ball forward (maybe that's why Rowett doesn't like him) and there's no question that you will get more heart and spirt from him than most, If not all the others.

I'd like to see him, Lennord and Mitchell In a three man midfield for a few games to see how that would play out.

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Been treated disgracefully by GR, miles better than the fucking dross of Saville, Keiftenbeld and one of the worse players I've seen in a Millwall shirt for many years Evans!!
Unfortunately the 3 mentioned players have been signed by our tactical genius of a manager so Thompson has no chance.
I've said it before, I'd much rather Rowett leave than Ben!!!
Sorry mate Ben is not championship standard, He spends half the game on his arse, He's a division 1player at best