Date: 28th September 2016 at 11:08pm
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The modern game tells us that the club who spends the most money wins. So does the manager who spends the most money win the most also?

It’s pretty obvious to say that extremely successful managers of the past won’t appear on these tables, because simply put the days of managers and players walking to grounds alongside their very fans are long over as the elders amongst us will attest to, and there was a ball park financial shift upon the invention of the Premier League, and the new Millenium saw even more of a shift – as has spending this season alone with England topping the Billion pound mark for deals in 2016.

But it’s not just England, there is La Liga, Serie A, the Bundesliga and others to consider and in future years we can probably include the MLS and the Chinese Super League as well.

But as of today, almost a full month since the crazy spending summer transfer window of 2016/17 closed, where do our more modern managers sit in tables created based on their career transfer spend.

Fans of some clubs that these managers apply to may be amazed with the figures associated with their current, or former, manager, given their time associated with their clubs and it’s no stretch to imagine there are plenty of fans reading this that are not tied to any of these managers, and how they baulk at the ridiculous figures spent during the course of their managerial careers.

The individual player spending of these managers is also interesting, as whilst top line spending since Real Madrid’s purchase of Cristiano Ronaldo from Manchester United back in 2009 has only jumped £9million to United’s repurchase of Paul Pogba from Juventus this summer – clearly it is the middle of the ground, more average player inflation that causes the financial madness in the game in true financial figures.

The managers listed are all successful to one degree or another, and household names – so aspiring successful managers need to convince those above them to get the chequebooks out!