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Even if Millwall is not your cup of tea, you cannot deny that they delivered tons of excitement to football fans over the years. If you are a Millwall supporter, you are constantly entertained and impressed by the team. Since the turn of the century, the team has been involved in six playoff campaigns, two relegations, three promotions, and even an FA Cup Final, bringing fans many unforgettable experiences from the field.

Looking back at the major accomplishments of players in the team, we picked out the top Millwall goals in the team’s history. In this post, you will learn who scored them, how, and when.

About the Millwall Football Club

So far, Millwall has played in all four divisions during a total of 94 consecutive seasons and is a member of the Football League. This makes it one of the fans’ favourites, with millions of players following the matches – and placing wagers on it every time the players step foot on the field. If you want to track their progress and make some money wagering on this team too, you can do so online at bookmakers and casinos. Not only that, but you can immerse yourself in football-themed games like slot machines. To do so, you can explore more casinos at that offer you such game themes and very often, even the opportunity to place sports wagers.

Millwall Football Club is a professional English club from Bermondsey in South East London. The club competes in the EFL Championship, which is the second level of football in England. The club didn’t initially have the name it holds today. It was founded in 1885 as Millwall Rovers. Its club rest is a rampant lion, which refers to the famous nickname of the team, The Lions.

Top 5 Millwall Goals in the Club’s History

If we choose to list every memorable goal in Millwall’s history, this post will never end. So, we decided to focus on the top 5 most memorable goals in the club’s history. Let’s see who scored them and when.

1.            2004 FA Cup Semi-Final: Tim Cahill v Sunderland

The first goal in this list deserved its spot not because of the skill, though Cahill certainly didn’t disappoint there. The reason why we included it is because the goal was the strike that sent the team through to their only FA Cup final so far!

Cahill scored 57 goals for the Lions in his career at the club, but this was the most important of them all. This is one of the top reasons he earned a spot in the major Everton team just a few months after the Sunderland match.

This was a masterful game, one of his best. When he made that strike, beating the Black Cats goalkeeper Poom, he put Millwall 1-0 after only 26 minutes.

2.            2009 League One Playoff Final: Gary Alexander v Scunthorpe

If you remember this goal, you are probably thinking – it wasn’t even scored! However, while the goal didn’t add to the score during the playoff final at Wembley, it is one of the most memorable for the team – and football in general. Alexander’s strike was of such high quality, that it would be a shame not to include it in our list!

The team was 1-0 down to Scunthorpe and the clock showed 37 minutes to the end when the ball reached Alexander’s chest on the left-hand-side. What did he do? The player cushioned the ball onto his right foot and unleashed it from 30 yards. His strike was so fierce and precise that the goalkeeper Joe Murphy stood no chance of defending it.

Unfortunately, the bettors whose wagers depended on this goal didn’t end up winning money. Thanks to the evolving gambling market and the opportunity to place live wagers online, some players most likely saw the masterful gameplay of Alexander throughout the match and bet on him scoring, which eventually brought them some points considering that he added a second goal just two minutes after this one.

However, if you bet on the Lions winning the match, that would be an unsuccessful wager. Scunthorpe won 3-2 and earned promotion to the championship.

3.            2002: Neil Harris v Watford

This match was played on New Year’s Day of 2002, and the goal was truly spectacular! It was the fourth in an evident 4-1 victory over Watford, but it was the most emotional.

A year before this match, Harris was diagnosed with testicular cancer. His treatment was successful, so he was allowed to resume his football career. With Millwall already beating all the odds with a 3-1 up, and only a few minutes on the clock, Harris picked up the ball midway and carried it to the Watford box before he shot it into the far corner.

Neil Harris is a football legend and one of Millwall’s greatest players of all time. Over two spells at The Den, he scored a club-record 138 goals! He didn’t leave the club when he stopped playing even and remained as a manager for four and a half years before leaving in 2019.

4.            2017 League One Playoff Final: Steve Morison v Bradford

Another famous goal of Millwall is Morison’s winning strike against Bradford. The veteran sealed a victory for his team at Wembley, and with it, he also won promotion back to the Championship after spending two years without this opportunity.

Morison’s strike occurred five minutes before the match’s end when he scored from close range. This was his 19th goal of the season!

5.            2004: Tim Cahill v West Ham

Finally, we have another goal by the famous Tim Cahill, who scored during the spectacular match against West Ham. He made this score a few weeks before his winning goal against Sunderland. It was one of 12 spectacular goals he scored during the season.

So, the Lions have had some amazing moments and successes over the years, and these five are just a few of many memorable ones, whether based on skill or succeeding at the right time, in the right moment.

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