Date: 1st August 2016 at 12:43pm
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Plans to reduce ‘intolerable behaviour’ by players and managers towards the match day officials have been announced for this coming season, which is seen basically as a step in the right direction.

New Behaviour Rules For Referees In 2016/17 – Click Here.

These new behaviour rules being brought in, among the changes being made in the British (and in some cases European) game in general, some limited to a season-long trial at this stage, have been endorsed on the whole and welcomed by most yet with anything in life there’s almost always a ‘but!’

Retrospective examining of the ‘confrontational decisions’ is something John Maynard feels would be a good thing to make it absolutely clear to players they’ll not get away with anything.

With all the cameras in the game now, at most levels, this should be possible with John saying.

‘Behaviour rules for referees. I endorse all that is said in the article, especially as it is something that is really putting me off football after a lifetime of interest, but I would add the following:

‘Referees need support and it is clear this is not going to come from clubs or Managers. Attempting to make constant decisions in a fraction of a second will not result in every decision being the correct one. Endless numbers of cameras around the ground help question almost every decision that is made while the only people who get it right all the time are the TV pundits who spend their lives criticising officials and contributing very little to the game.

‘Many of the ‘confrontational decisions’ should be easier for officials to make but the really difficult ones are often those involving simulation. For many of us they really do spoil the game and can result in outcomes that are grossly unfair to the team on the receiving end.

‘I would like there to be a panel to examine these incidents retrospectively so that players know they cannot simply get away with it and they will be issued with cards if found to be cheating.’

This can bring us onto something kind of along a similar lines with the views of Steve Smyrk who doesn’t see why the introduction of fourth official televised evidence can’t be brought into the game right away.

Otherwise the new rules are ‘a step in the right direction’ for Steve, who said they were an Englishman living in Prague, when adding.

‘My main question is, why can’t they bring in the fourth official’s televised ‘evidence’ right away?

‘The referee himself could have the short video clip of an incident, sent to a device on his arm and in seconds, making it far more likely for him to make a correct decision.

‘It appears to me to be that age old problem, of no one having the balls to say, ‘right lets implement this right now’.

‘Still some of the new rules are a step in the right direction.’

What do you say to these thoughts?

As always let us know with some views below. However again we’ll say alternatively share an email with us, especially if you have a strong opinion on this or anything else football related in fact and we’ll see if these can reach the wider audience, much as these views and opinions above have.

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