Date: 31st January 2018 at 8:34am
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midway lion player ratings for Millwall 0-0 Derby County

My thoughts were broadly along the great Silver back’s lines (see match report: Click Here)

It still amazes me that people are surprised by the ref ******* us over, I am more amazed when we get one ! I felt a bit sorry for Williams and Saville as there was no one to pass to when they did on occasions, get their head up. Eliott battles and puts a shift in, but is very static.

Archer…..7…Did everything asked of him, including getting his hands to a wicked cross heading straight to Derby. No doubt the anti-Archer brigade will call it something else.

Maclauglin…..7….Great display, it can’t be easy defending when you have Jed in front of you, but he sticks to the task brilliantly.

Hutch…..9…..It amazes me how he isn’t captain of Scotland yet alone

Cooper….7…Another solid display of defending and hitting the long ball, trying to find Eliott’s head.

Meredith….7…..Recovered well after a shaky start against a super-fast winger.

Wallace…..7….Still our most potent attacking threat. Got back when he could but can’t be in 2 places at once.

Williams….6…..Was denied space and time by an excellent Derby mid-field. Done his share of defending.

Saville……6…..See above.

Ferguson…..6….Has his moments but suffers from a lack of pace and was exposed by it last night.

Gregory…..8…Great display of how to live off scraps. It was almost as if he was trying to impress Derby.

Eliott…..6…Tries his best but is it good enough ? Never had the movement to find the space that Morison does and failed to hold the ball up. I got a text last night repeating a rumour about Morison leaving to become the Stevenage player-manager. If that frightening thought happened, then old mother Harris’s cupboard would truly be bare.

Millwall. An awesome man of display. MOM.

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