Women’s Football

Christ. Difficult to argue against that! I spent a Christmas and New Year in Brazil in the early 90's. I remember watching a football volleyball game with 2 (sorry if this is outdated and unacceptable these days...but....) mens teams on Copacabana beach on Christmas day and I seriously wondered if the ball was a magic trick ball. It stuck to em like glue from every height and every angle at every speed and they just popped it up to a team mate and sent it back. Gotta say though, they didn't look like this!
I’m not sure if it’s real.
I mean some of it is obviously but AI can paste it together and make it look like it was done in one take (or am I missing the point & I was just supposed to be looking at their arses?)
Wouldnt you love to see a back four doing that instead of the normal tippy tappy time wasting?
Some very nice skills indeed.

So, which one out of all of them would you knob first?

I like the one who volleyed it with her arse.
None of em. None of them interested in heterosexuals. They only interested in their own gender (although perhaps non binary or a sexuals) or whatever the fk men aren't