What do you think of Bart being dropped?


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The 'resting' of Bart seemed a bit harsh to me. His distribution has never been the best, but if it was good enough last Wednesday and before, it was good enough last Saturday.

That said, Long did nothing wrong vs. Blackpool and his confidence with the ball at his feet is welcome. Hopefully, he won't be called upon too often to show how good his shot-stopping abilities are.


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Said let season Bart's knees have gone
Hos kicking struggles to reach the half way line. Also his knees are affecting his movemrnt .He was slow getting g down to QPR's first goal. He has been an excellent "keeper for.us but one has to be.realistic.


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Long is a good goalie & a worthy backup , in his favour is that he can kick a ball and distribute better then bart, but I think bart has just the edge on shoot stopping thou...2 good goalies to have in the squad