Wallace off to WBA!


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No need to boo him, maybe a few choice remarks if he comes close to us, but nothing malicious. In reality regardless of how he's moved, the fellas been offered double his wages. Can't knock him for taking that when I'm sure all of us would jump at the chance of doubling our dough

Would rather focus on who wears our shirt


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Strange choice of club? Must admit I'm bit gutted but players come and go and it's all about the money for them and with the silly amounts of it in today's game theyd be mugs not to take it

Axholme Lion

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Offering 20k pw was always pissing in the wind unless we offered him £1m signing fee on top.

I have to look at this as if it were a new signing.

If Jed was at another club, in his prime years aged 28 with 38 goals, 41 assists in the Championship over the last 5 seasons, we wouldn't be able to get a sniff of his signature.

What would we realistically want to throw at someone like that if he wasn't already our player? £2-3m, £25-30k pw, 3 year deal? Instead we've offered him less than what we were paying Afobe last season. We've not shown him we want him enough.
These jokers want £20-30k per week and there's people picking and choosing if they can afford to go to a game because the gas/elec/food/petrol bill has gone through the roof. Greedy bastards all of 'em.


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The meltdown on twitter over his departure brings shame on this once unique club, fuck me it's shameful and embarrassing in equal measure.

Greatest Millwall player ever

we'll be in league two soon

Should have offered him £30k a week

JB needs to fuck off

etc, etc
The usual Armchair fans moaning