Wallace off to WBA!


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Good luck to him playing for a wank club with a wank manager if this is true

Their parachute payments run out soon but at least he will get a couple of years on very good wages

can’t see that shower of shit going up in the next couple of years and with him moving on it will free up a lot of wages in our budget

best of luck Jed but I do question the wank club you are joining


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Mowatt, Molumby, Swift and Jed are all players that I would want at Millwall so WBA have some good players and should be fighting for promotion next season. Don’t think they will tho as I don’t rate Bruce as a manager. He will probably be sacked by Xmas and a new manager will get the hump and see Jed trying to play winger, centre forward, number 10 and holding midfielder all in the first half of a game as a liability and bench him. Don’t think we will get him back on loan in January but should be back with us the following season. :)


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Just like any modern day footballer chasing the money after all the talk of wanting to play in the Premier league, not the greatest of moves but let’s be honest not many players stay with a club for 5 years.

He is a WBA player now so let’s move on and hope the money (his wages) allows us to offer and complete for players, who knows his move may well allow us to build a team that is better than what we had and if it does pay off we can thank Jed….. and hope WBA finish below us again…

Bye Jed… well it was bye a few months ago actually


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We all.knew he was going to go for the money not footballing terms and that's been proved, we have lost a potential 1-2 million pounds by not letting him go Xmas , poor decision financially by us but he gave us some great moments and always 100%......

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we have lost a potential 1-2 million pounds by not letting him go Xmas
Not really, we were just short of a play off spot and in a good position and right not to bend to his demands. We were closer to the bottom of the league in December, the chairmans decision worked out well. If he was sold off the club would have got some serious cunting- they can't win. Berylson stood firm against both the clubs trying to take ther piss with derisory offers and the player for his part in it. Do you know for a fact what was offered for a player with six months left on his contract? I very much doubt that it was anywhere near a million or two.
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