Up the Billy boys


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Flying to Madrid tues, train to Seville weds, night in Seville, and then sweetened the missus up with a day and over night in Madrid thurs, before flying back Friday morning.
She’s said she might not be able to get the time off work, terrible shame that’d be.

isle of dogs wall

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i dont like any brit team getting a bash overseas however west ham are a spent force. i hope rangers win the final and give the germans a overdue clump

Kryan Bing

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I take the positive view from that, it would be another kicking for their firm to add to the collection. What's harder to live with is It that they won the world cup in 66 and have a firm that's 40 hours undeafeted*

They're up at Carrot Row tomorrow. I suspect the 'undefeated' run might come to a messy end... They will be up against six fingered freaks waving Delia's luxuriant vegetable pies in their faces.