There's great players


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How people think that man Is anything other than the greatest player of the past 50 years Is beyond me. He's top 5 of all time, and when It comes to those 5 I think It's almost Impossible to seperate them.

Yet there are still so many morons who think he Is overrated and not fit to lace Messi's boots. Only one of those two Is struggling In a top team In a Micky Mouse league. The other Is keeping a Micky Mouse team relevent and challenging In a top league.

And I've no doubt he's a top geezer an all. As genuine as It's possible to be when you operate In a stratosphere above all but a few people.

Kryan Bing

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Carrick gets a win, plus he's one of their own....
A couple of more wins under his belt and he will be hired full time, at 6 million a year.

Come December next year during the World Cup (and still no trophy at Utd), the press and the plastic Mancs will be after his arse and looking for another manager.