The Nigels thread - the pride of south London* N/W


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Oi I was bought up in Wallington if you don't mind.. one of the roughest estates in Britain (Roundshaw).. although Stanley gardens is proper middle class surburbia.

I don't know the prick, but I heard a few Chelsea lads kept knocking on his door afterwards, his mum and dad got very upset :)


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Can anyone inform me how 2 clubs 50 miles apart is a derby game, more like a battle of the backstabbers.....let's hear how many "offensive chants " are heard tonight without getting reported nation wide , these 2 sets of fans are pathetic


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I don’t think you can put Brighton fans in the same bracket as palace. The pathetic ultras take palace down to the saddest of the sad and they are so mouthy as well, just annoying twats really.

After the Brighton fans backed us up years ago in our row with the scum newspaper over that thick twisted reporters article about “seagulls” I have some respect for them.


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WTF was he doing at a Birmingham city v Millwall game?
I suppose he just fancied a few hours in Brum,