The Nigels thread - the pride of south London* N/W


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The famous* always ultra's. For a mob that prides itself on loyalty and total support you have to ask what that fellow at the front is doing there. He's there loyal leader and songwriter :ROFLMAO: what he don't want bods to know is his loyalty to the Nigels is more enforced than chosen. He's an ex Spurs fan that got chased out of there gaff for trying to start the same bollox that he's got going at Palace. What a cunt. Never trust a man that changes his club :wagging:

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Shit tasty little firm, seriously I would not go I would not be able to show my face seriously get a fucking grip


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I think that might be the joke. Just not a very good one.
Isn't a joke meant to be an attempt at humour? They've just succeeded in out-cunting themselves. Something for which they should be applauded perhaps, it seemingly not being possible 🤣😂😅