The Nigels thread - the pride of south London* N/W

I heard some talk the other week of Palace claiming to be the oldest football club and just shrugged it off as some crank talking bollocks but it seems it was two years ago that they have tried to rewrite history.
Some historians were not happy about the claim either!!
Even if it was the case it would mean fuck all today. They ceased to exist and reformed in 2011 but not before they knocked local businesses, St johns ambulance who provided medics, the vat man the taxman, scouts and many other employees.

A tinpot ,shithouse club, supported by deluded, Sussex and Surrey born and bred faux snobs, zit riddled chavs from new Addington and beyond, Balloon popping oddballs with fetishes for dressing up in superhero costumes.

Then you have the always ultras, a group of deluded flag waving and drum banging thundercunts. All led by an ex Spurs fan pictured below who seems to spend most of his time selling stickers online to 14 year olds :wack:

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