The Millwall youtube escapism thread


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Did we do Holland again in 1970 then as I'd swear it was then that I went.Had a great time.I have a few poor quality photos I took of the squad and matches.
Cant recall but I think we played Blau Wit,Sparta Rotterdam and Den Haag
Four of us went in a red mini and the reason the photos are poor is that Martin (one of us) sat on my new camera and damaged it.
Have a professsional photo taken of me,with Millwall badge on,holding the European Cup which they'd won that year.
Another photo shows us at the campsite in with a large union jack/Millwall flag on one of our tents.
I'm virtually sure it was in 1970.


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Ta, it's good to go back and look at past seasons, 88/89 was a bit of a blur at the time, booze, drugs and tear ups took perecedent over the football for me. What a fucking team that was along with the era of going Wall, i feel blessed for being around and part of it. Hopefully, one day our youngens will be able to witness the same football wise.
I know what you mean talking to a mate over Christmas and got onto the subject of away day's especially old trafford 89, i remember the journey and shenanigans both ways but got no memory of the match, and nobody is allowed to mention the result.