Still a great season

Ulster Lion

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We've lots to be grateful for. Who'd have thought it back mid season, that we'd be where we are today.
Great season lads, every one of the squad has done us proud. No reason why we can't do as well in 22/23.
I salute all of you who were there today, loud and proud, as usual.
Best club in the land, followed by the best supporters in the land.
Safe journey home. COYL.


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I said at start of (and through out) the season that we will bounce between 8th and 16th...exactly what we done.

3rd lowest wage bill in the league and we finished 9th...and still playing for a play-off place on last day. Rowett and the boys done have had a great season.

If we had a 20+ goal scorer we would be in the top 6 every season.

With some goos signings in the summer...theres no reason we can't repeat out efforts next season...


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I would really like to see the medical/physio department have an overhaul, too many injury's, didn't we have something like 4 - 5 hamstring injury's in the space of a week ?

Axholme Lion

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Good effort to take it to the last game of the season, especially considering the amount of injuries at times. It's a case of 'if only...' when you look back at some of the games where we didn't turn up such as Huddersfield and Peterborough away off the top of my head. Well done all around.


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I agree AL. If somebody had offered you the chance at the beginning of the season that making the play offs would go to the last ten minutes of the last game of the season you would’ve knocked their hand off. Sadly, that would not have been the case if we had got a better result at Peterborough (1 up and lose 2-1), Bristol City (2 up and lose 3-2), Luton (2-1 with 3 to play and draw) but hindsight is always the perfect vision.
Lets build on this season’s success and give it a real go next season.

The Ilderton

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Yep good season , cant complain to much and that's now 6 seasons in the championship.
Sometimes we can be safety first and getting to the points required to stay up is the main objective, on out budget we cant complain.


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5 loanees depart and Romeo, Pearce, Mahoney and Jed likely to need replacing so 8 or 9 new players to be recruited. The squad will need a good overhaul so it will be interesting to see our good our recruiting is. If we make some useful addition we could build on the successful season we have just had.