So, Jed…


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Why would Jed go to West Brom?

They are spending another season, like us, in the Championship, with a manager who doesn‘t have a great track record at any of the club’s he’s managed, and with no guarantee that they‘ll get promoted anyway!

How pissed would Jed be if he went there, and we got promoted and the Baggies didn’t! 🤣
Pound notes my friend. Top end championship is his level, he would disappear up his own arse in the premier ship


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In this interview Jed makes it appear that nothing is settled yet!

He talks of seeing how things go in the nest few weeks. I think what he means is that he is seeing how things go with his agent, see if somebody comes in with a good offer for him, offers him more than we are offering and then makes his mind up. Of course there is the added extra that if somebody comes in for him then they have not got to pay a transfer fee, hence he could get a hefty signing on bonus of maybe £2m.

I do think that a Premiership side is unlikely to come in for him as I don’t think he is quite good enough. I have posted many times before that there are days when he can grab a game by the scruff of the neck, score a great individual goal, a good strike from a free kick or bury a penalty and win us the game. There are also other days when he runs up blind alleys, gets crowded out or tries very hard to win a game all by himself but fails miserably. There are couple of other factors to take into account. He has two small children and a wife who might not fancy a move from Biggin Hill up north or even abroad and that could put a dampener on the whole scenario. It is possible that Forest could still be interested in him but that entirely depends on whether they get through to the play off final and win it. As we all know, the whole play off situation is a real lottery and they could miss out. If they failed would he fancy a move to Huddersfield, Sheffield United or Luton. The latter would probably mean he would not have to move house.

The lad has been a great servant for us and deserves a chance to play premier League football but if it didn’t happen or he never fancied what was on offer then there is still a contract on the table from us waiting to be signed. Watch this space.

Kryan Bing

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"If Luton go up...."

I hope this doesn't come back and bite me on my arse but, here goes......

In the entire history of the play-offs, other than Luton Town, I can't think of any other team who were there just to make up the numbers.


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I think Forest view Jed as a replacement for Johnson. If they go up they may be able to hang on to Johnson; if not, they will probably sell Johnson and sign Jed.