Rowett to QPR...?


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Don't think there's anything in the rumours about him applying for other jobs midway through the season if I'm being honest. But also don't think it's a complete coincidence that his name has cropped up for two jobs (Watford & QPR) in the space of an hour now the season's done. No smoke without fire..


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Watford now being mutes as a replacement for Hodgson.

Heard they were after the Forest Green manager
Wouldn't surprise me. When Warburton announced he was leaving QPR, I assumed that he was on his way as Rowett's replacement. He would probably do for a couple of seasons.
Least we might be more attack minded , if we do get Warburton it would be a SLICE of luck cause In the transfer market he uses his LOAF and might bring in some decent players

Kryan Bing

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Forest Green's owner Dale Vince told BBC Sport: "It takes a bit of the shine off winning promotion. If there's any karma in football they'll languish in the Championship and we'll meet them there in a few years' time."

"[Edwards] said he'd been advised by Watford and his agent to keep it a secret from Forest Green which I think is pretty poor from them. It's poor from Rob and he knows it.

"I thought I knew him better as a person."


Fucking brilliant, it's not only the Premier League that's full to the brim with Football cunts...

Life with the Lions

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Almost all of us wanted Rowett gone during the season so whats the big fuss, if he stays fine but if he goes it totally freshens things up, new players and manager, sometimes thats what it needs and it works, he has had 3 years so might be the right time to move on
Yeah, but hes shown (certainly 2nd half of the season ), that when he plays the right formation and throws the shackles off the players, they can produce some good, exciting football and results!

Maybe, him staying or not, might be down to JB as to whether he is going to back his manager in the transfer market! Cant see Rowett moving across London to the ha ha has when their budget probably isnt any better than ours!

So if JB will back him (as he did Harris when the likes of Bradshaw, Leonard, etc. were brought in), then it would be a shame if he went elsewhere, and wasnt able to use the money to build a team he could compete with! Dont forget, since hes been our manager, hes only signed on permanent transfers 3 new players: Bennett, Evans and Kieftenbeld! Others like Saville and Malone were resigns whod played for us before. Everyone else was a Harris signing!

If he stays (and I hope he does), then the only slight worry I have is whether Rowett will do as he did last season (season just finished), which is to play every game defensively until we cannot be relegated, and then throw off the shackles and play. If he does that, then I can see next season panning out the same way this season has finished: nearly men knocking on the doors of the play offs, but not getting in! Rowett has to go for it, from the 1st minute of the new season, and hopefully we can improve on results (too many draws last season), as well as aiming for the top of the Championship!