Quotes from the Charlton no life forum


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Millwall are such a pointless club. The Barnsley of London. Crappy ground, shite crowds, never won anything, spent about five minutes in the top tier and the supporters are peasants.

Actually, they're worse than Barnsley as at least they've won the FA Cup.
I don't consider them rivals, they are a nothing club.

Mind the gap ya flask plating bag of pus :wave:
Pointless club? Coming from a Charlton fan?? 😂😂😂
Ask the likes of spurs, Arsenal or even Man U who they’d rather draw in the cup and it would be Millwall all day long.


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It seems the Gods at the Valium have determined next season already, but shock, horror, our friends in SE7 have already written off automatic promotion? This from the "lo life forum" aka BBC league 1 play off updates. Still in their fantasy world.

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