Olly gone - nw


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My mate suggested that Sam Allardyce is a temporary stop gap. I told him to forget that as Neil is ready and waiting!…….lol

wall to wall 82

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Strange to sack him on a Sunday thought they had to announce it to the New York stock exchange first. Holloway to be interim manager for rest of the season

Kryan Bing

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They've only scraped the top of the barrel. Part of the problems with that mob were the outdated, old school, ex-Utd idiots that Solskjaer surrounded himself with. They are still there and festering away.

"Darren Fletcher will stay on as technical director, while Mike Phelan and Kieran McKenna - who were part of Solskjaer's coaching set up - will also remain at the club for the time being"..


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Nice bloke but pockets 7.5m for being a a clueless manager. Should have been sacked years ago. Is GR in the running?


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Man U fans complaining that their football is boring, not winning games, team not set up right, manager clueless… hang on sounds familiar!!!!!!


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I agree in the 'who cares' approach but it does bring into focus exactly what's wrong in top flight football. He gets let down badly by overpaid, overegoed players, gets sacked and gets a 7m payoff.....yes.... I'd be tearful too wouldn't you????