Oil Burke


Recon it's got something to do with the Luke Freeman saga remember somebody got sacked over that signing. Sheff Utd have got the hump.

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Just had a look on the Blades forum s24su, and the thread below deals with Burke firstly coming to us on loan (from page 9 onwards), to eventual (possibly?) signing for us permanently.

For those not interested in reading any or all 13 pages, the general consensus of opinion of Blades supporters is that Burke is a shit winger, with no end product. He doesn’t have a footballing brain and pace is his only attribute!

Have to say, there are some funny comments on there about Burke, particularly when we come into it on page 9, as the Blades supporters seem both gobsmacked and ecstatic that we are going to buy him - to the point that some of them feel sorry that he’s going to sign for us!

Chris Wilder signed Burke. Is GR a better manager than Wilder, as he can see something in Burke that Wilder and the Blades supporters can’t?

Time will tell, I guess!