Next Seasons Signings


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We won’t even spend 3 million combined… fact !

Hard to accept but we all know this.
I suspect you're right mate and with that comes a dip into div 3 for a couple of years, back up for a few and repeat. There's too much money in the game now to think we can get away with spending fuck all. Players will choose div 3 clubs over us. Unless we have a tactical genius as manager or world class youth set up, we are going to have to start spending. We say we wanted £7m for Jed last year and would have replaced him with Burey, that is not sustainable these days

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It was surprising that last season, Rowett and his team was looking abroad for players, and found those two Dutch players, which got a lot of us (or maybe it was just me), excited that we might go in for them!

I don’t know why our recruitment team don’t look further afield. There must be a host of league clubs in many South American countries, that have skilful players where we could get more bang for our buck!

I‘m not talking about your top South American teams, but ones which are the equivalent of being in our Championship or league 1.

Take Brazil. They have four leagues like us. I guess Serie A would be the Prem equivalent, Serie B the Championship, and so on. Surely there must be some players, other than in Serie A, who are up and coming youngsters, hungry to ply their trade over in England?

As an established Championship club, 4 miles from the centre of London, we have to be a draw for a player that may live in less than salubrious surroundings, getting less money than what they could get as a Championship player, and with the possibility of promotion to the Prem and the fame and even more money that comes with that! As an added bonus, if the lad was that good a player, he might give us sell out crowds at The Den!


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I think we've got a massive summer ahead, usually I am optimistic but I feel there is too big a rebuild required for us to hit the ground running for the next season. If we are to make a push we will need to start the season well, which is uncharacteristic of us going on past seasons.

As it stands, we have

GK - Bart, Long, Sandford - no need to improve there.

RB - Danny Mac (Romeo will be gone) - could do with reinforcement

CB - Hutch, Cooper, M. Wallace, Muller, A Mitchell - could do with adding one or two and sending the kids back out on loan again.

LB - Malone, M. Wallace - Malone needs a rocket up his arse, has been poor all season and would look to bring a replacement in or push Tiensia to the first team.

Midfield - Saville, Mitchell, Leonard, Evans, Kieftenbeld - for me, its far too negative with players of the same sort of qualities. We need to bring someone in who has the confidence and quality to carry the ball forward and join in attacks but will also work for the team. I hope Rowett has Sean O'Brien from the U23's in his plans. I like the look of this Elliot Anderson but I think we will miss out and he'll end up at Boro or somewhere up north.

Forwards - Bennett, Bradshaw, Olaofe. I would like to think Afobe comes back, I can't see Ojo returning and I think Burke could be too dear to keep. Jed must also be gone which is a massive hole to fill. How do you replace someone that the players rely on so much to get them out of trouble, that runs through brick walls, has pace and quality on the ball (with goals and assists to back it up) - going to be very very tough.

For me we need too many new players which is never really a good thing coming in to a new season, but who knows.


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Mentioned him a little while back but Peckham said we’d put in a bid in the transfer window but no cigar. Only young too, early 20’s but imagine he’s now out of our price range after that season.
At some point you have go all in. Him and Ross Sykes from accrington.


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If Bennett can stay fit can he can be the main man and goal threat from midfield. If Saville is allowed to push forward rather that sitting back he can hopefully get some goals. Forget trying to replace Jed, a player like that only comes round every 10 years or so, need to accept it’s going to be Burley or another, will do a job but no where near Jed’s level so the rest of the team needs balancing up. Think Malone needs replacing and needs someone else to push him or replace him.

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The spotters have released 29 year old Northern Ireland forward, Conor Washington.

22 goals from 56 starts isn’t that bad a return.

According to, his value is £518,000!

Would sign him just to piss the spotters off, especially if he did well for us! Can you imagine the mega meltdown if he was banging in the goals for us? 🤣


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Bennett is mustard. We're a better team with him in it, no question. His directness, strength, running and quality with the ball at his feet, no one else in the side possesses those combined qualities.

Burke has all the raw attributes, pace power strength but his end product leaves something to be desired. I also get the impression he plays for himself, not for the team.