New goalkeeper


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Long gone? Not yet. I guess a loan for some game time with a recall clause. Option B bart has an injury and cant play as many games. Option C GR & him plan some spooning in the dugout during the cold dark winter months.

Life with the Lions

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Perhaps the club (or Sandford himself), feels that after this season it will be time to move on?

Let’s face it, Sandford has been on a hiding to nothing as 3rd choice keeper. He’s not getting any younger, so may want to sign for a league 1 or league 2 club before his career is over!

Bart, I think, has 1 more year on his contract, so if he goes at the end of the 2023/2024 season, then Long moves up to replace him, and this Brummie keeper will move into 2nd place.

So expect another keeper signing next season, to keep the club with three goalkeepers!


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Been at city since hes was 11, so must have been there under Gary DogS*it Suprise Suprise


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This season is going down hill fast, surprising what can happen in a few days….. same old Millwall!
Move on COYL 👍👍

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