Match Thread Sheffield United v Millwall


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It's Millwall, we're not as good as Sheffield United away, but are better than Stoke at home. As a result we'll finish 8-10th. What did everyone expect?

As for cunting off Cress, 19 year old kid who everyone raved about last week, has a shaky 45 minutes and is now shit?

Fucking hell it's like some of you have never been through a whole game, let alone season with Millwall
This..... too many fucking idiots who revert to type as soon as things don't go to plan. Its 1 game, new faces settling in.

Liverpool couldn't get past Fulham today and they are one of favs for the premiership. Shit happens.... too many armchair mugs.


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Do read a a load of bollocks on here, don’t matter whether you’re lucky enough to be up there or sitting in a fuckin armchair.
The first half performance was diabolical in both instances, much better second half with the players applying themselves and showing more
appetite for the battle. Which should be a given every minute of every game :


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Afobe is fucking dogshit but he never takes him off! Saville one of are best players today so he takes him off.
He does himself no favours rowett

Life with the Lions

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Would be nice if Cooper could get a consolation goal, just to piss off the United supporters, and keep his goal scoring run going against them!


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Would be nice if we could tuck away some of our half chances.
Defensively poor today, especially first half, but shit happens. Consistently inconsistent, thats what we do.
Week off till Cov.
We move on, COYL.