Match Thread Bournemouth V Millwall KO 7-45pm


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Against teams like this we have to be able to hold on to the ball for a bit as they are very good at passing the ball (in their own half) maybe then we can frustrate them into leaving gaps

Life with the Lions

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How come we give away possession all the time eg pass astray, headed clearance to oppo, don’t win second ball, long ball headed back but no one following up!
Because in those headed situations, our players aren't adept at holding the ball. They just want to head the ball away - and when that happens its 50 - 50 as to who the ball lands to.


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Dont delay Rowett ffs because soon itll be 2-0 Get Smith & Bradshaw on!
Leave Ojo where he is.
Saville & Afobe off.

4-3-3 & have a right go at this mob.