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Has been released by Sheffield United. Signed for them in summer 2019 and made FOUR starts since then. Played 13 minutes at Fulham for us before getting injured and apparently made little effort to be fit. On £30k a week and we paid half. Caused bad feeling in the dressing room and a prime example of a wage thief.
With a playing record like that he will have a job getting a game over Blackheath and will need to learn some new shelf stacking skills so he can get a job at Tesco. One thing for certain is we don’t need him!

Gaeilge Millwall

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Smut level BP ??????

I was only enquiring if she could play for 69 minutes.......

I think something has got lost in translation
What with Brexit and the clocks going forward


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I cant understand how anyone who is a good player at any sport does not want to be the best they can. Even if they are rolling in cash. Everyone has to have some skin in the game, as I said to Mrs Juicy Lucy at number 23.
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If he can get and stay fit, freeman is a decent player. He wont be without a club too long
Injuries are an occupational hazard for a professional footballer but does Freeman have the motivation to regain his fitness? The noises were that he was happy to lie back on the physio's couch and count his money.

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