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There should be (maybe there is) a rule that if a young player, or any player who has played some first team minutes, is worth x amount more then the peanuts that the court rulings give us.


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Very, very disappointing. Ungrateful, short-sighted and a silly decision.

If we are getting £200k then that is not bad considering he is completely unproven. I would like to see a future transfer clause inserted for any player under 18 moving like this because if he ends up being a top player then our role in developing him is eventually worth fuck all, which is not right nor fair.


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Apparently we will get somewhere in the region of £200,000 compensation for us training him.
This cross border raiding on the cheap has been going on for a while; Rangers have previously lost Gilmour to Chelsea and the boy Wilson left a week or so ago to join Gerrard at Aston Villa