League Ladders 2021-22


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All done Purley. You'll thank me later as I've passed your details on to this nice chap in Nigeria whose going to transfer 2m dollars in to your account.🤔
Another 2m dollars! Carry on at this rate and I’ll be able to pay for Jed to stay 😉


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Its going to be a great season. I have had a quick review of the fixtures and there wont be a single nil nil draw. plenty of surprise hammerings handed out by the Wall and a ten game run of wins to take us to the promised land.

The German Herman

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Please register your intention to participate in the coming season’s League Ladders.

As always, you have the option to play for “Fun” or “£££” so please indicate which.

In previous season Mamalion has acted as our banker but she deserved a well earned rest and has entered retirement 👍

I will takeover as banker but will not be as accommodating as Mama and will only accept the £5 payment via bank transfer!

If you want to play for money, PM me and I’ll give you my bank details.