Kwame Poku

"West Brom, Stoke City and Sunderland are also eyeing a potential swoop for him this winter along with Millwall, Bristol City and Ipswich".

Can anyone think of any other clubs that might be interested in him?
I can think of another Sixty Six EFL clubs...

This mob and FLW go around making stuff up IMHO.
The boy at Oxford Utd ,Rodriguez would be a better bet but I doubt we would seriously need another midfielder.
But who knows what the new gaffer wants ,we'll have to wait and see .
I'm hoping for some exciting times ahead.
He’s too old at 30 mate.
If sunderland are after him I doubt we will egt a look in. Too early for thinking of the January window. Likely a load of click bait.
This mob and FLW go around making stuff up IMHO.
Agreed but often they don't have to bother cause they'll just put out a story that quotes another rumour mill site as being the source. As lazy as you'll get. They shouldn't be allowed to publish unless they name their source.

Just had a butchers and they are quoting anothe website called teamtalk who are claiming ' according to ' sources '. Anyway we know the coup here. If it don't come from carpark man it's a load of old tripe.
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jury is still out on Mitchell.
I think Edwards is the type of coach that will improve players if it's possible to do so. It's one thing the merry go round managers don't seem to do. Danny Mac is no better than he was when Rowett first turned up. He was showing so much potential but nothing about his game has improved. That is a real a shame in my opinion.
Regardless, I think the board have to be allowing Edwards some spending power, similar to what we saw in the summer. Otherwise why risk bringing someone in, with a complete different style of play to the previous manager, with a crop of players, where we only have a handful of capable players, able to play this 'new' style.

Still early to tell whose in contention and whose not really fancied. However, I can imagine the likes of Campbell going back to Luton in Jan. Mitchell perhaps being sent out on loan.

We do need someone with a creative spark. I personally thought that was what Flemming was brought in for, but he's more of a shadow striker/second striker who can score goals. Someone with a bit of flair in the right places, completely turns the team into a force to be reckoned with IMO.

Also looking forward to seeing how Bryan does within this system. Think we will really start to see the benefits from him in this team under Edwards.

Interesting times ahead for sure, no doubt a few downs but hopefully more ups!